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Class Saathi brings a comprehensive CBSE practice app that proves to be miraculously helpful for the students. Be it the NCERT questions or the Maths and Science practice tests, one gets everything needed to ace the examinations. It’s the best learning app for class 6 to class 10 which provides detailed content as per the updated NCERT Syllabus, and has  NCERT solutions, mock tests,

quizzes & Maths and Science practice tests to improve the performance.


Schools across

South Korea & India


Original questions made

by IIT students


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+ 10 IPs Pending

Traditional learning methods tend to fail in capturing students' attention. With Class Saathi’s CBSE practice app  and smart clickers for quizzes, acing every exam becomes easier for students.

Our clicker solutions offer low cost clickers for quizzes which are used by the students for answering, it’s somewhat similar to polling. This method of quizzing ensures an increase in classroom participation and learning outcomes.

Why Class Saathi?



Proven to increase attendance by 10%

Learning Outcomes

Proven to increase

learning outcomes by 8% 

Meaningful Data

Proven to be helpful

for administrators

Learn from the best, learn from Class Saathi.

To score good marks in the examination, it is important to have a clear picture of the concepts. Class Saathi clears that hazy picture with detailed explanations to the NCERT questions along with additional maths and science practice questions. It proves to be the best CBSE practice app as it pin pointedly follows the CBSE curriculum. Students need not to worry about their scores anymore. Class Saathi has you covered.

Class Saathi in Action

Student & teacher testimonials

Test | TagHive | Class Saathi Best Onlin

Teacher, Class 6

Kids now have a better understanding of how to solve MCQ type questions!


Student, Class 6

We love using clickers in the classroom. Ever since we received the clickers, everyone wants to come to school more often.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 4.24.31 PM.png

Teacher, Class 6

The IQ level of kids is increasing due to the Quiz feature in this app. They are also showing more interest in learning!

Ms. Jasleen Kaur, Maths Teacher

Ms. K.S. Devina, Science Teacher

Ms. Kanika Garg, Maths Teacher

- Mount Abu Public School.

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