TagHive Inc., incorporated on April 25, 2017, is a Samsung-funded education

technology company with headquarters in South Korea and an office in India.

The company’s offerings include clicker-based classroom response systems

and AI-powered self-assessment solutions.

The company sells its clicker solution under the “Class Saathi” brand in India and under the

“Class Key” brand elsewhere. Founder & CEO, Pankaj Agarwal is an IIT Kanpur graduate

and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

“We can make any classroom smart at low-cost.

All you need is a bag of Saathi clickers and a mobile app.”

Our interactive classroom solution is currently being used in over 500 schools

and over 100,000 students have used what we built.

About Class Saathi


Class Saathi is a combination of a classroom response system and at-home learning solution. Our goal with Class Saathi is to facilitate students with the most peer friendly learning environment in the schools and with personalized learning content at home. 


The potential of personalized learning experience we offer is that it clears the concepts

and doubts of the children and makes them confident about their subjects which might not be possible with classroom learning alone.

Class Saathi is made interactive enough to captivate the students and encourage

them to participate and learn more and more. With our personalized learning system, the learning outcomes demonstrated a sharp rise. This rise in the learning outcomes itself is an indicator of the effectiveness of Class Saathi.

Often students feel a little uncomfortable with maths and science subjects. To eliminate that uncomfortable feeling amongst the students, we offer several maths quiz and science quiz which are personalized to the level of that student. The maths quiz and science quiz help clear the concepts, improves the problem solving ability and helps in better time management. Our maths quiz and science quiz  sets will make sure that students score high in their exams.


For an overall interactive and engaging learning experience and impressive learning outcomes, Class Saathi is the perfect solution.


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