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Interview with Reyne Rice

Feb 3, 2018


Interview with Reyne Rice at Spielwarenmesse​, Nuremberg International Toy Fair


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Introduction to Tagplus

Jan 3, 2018


TagPlus is the world-first anonymous and safe social network for kids. TagPlus, an award-winning solution, is a combination of a smart tag and a companion app that motivates kids to play more with their physical toys. TagPlus is designed for kids – Zero Set Up, completely safe and anonymous community, and lots of patent pending features to wow the kids.


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Introduction to Leap

Jan 3, 2018


Leap is the world-first low cost clicker solution for classrooms along with an app (iOS and Android) that will keep students engaged, parents informed and help teachers effectively manage their classrooms. LEAP allows teachers to have an accumulated score for their students on a daily basis and the students will be given incentives to improve their behaviour. It further allows teachers to create their own quizzes and polls for various subjects. Students can record their responses by clicking their tags.



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TagPlus Interview with Reyne Rice

Jan 3, 2018


Interview with Reyne Rice at the Digital Kids summit in Austin, Texas.


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