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An intern audits TagPlus (a toy-centric social network) on her first week at TagHive and concludes it to be one of the best kid’s apps

Aug 23, 2018


Digital content is no longer the realm of adults. Last year alone, there have been 284 million downloads on kid’s app and children are becoming the main consumers of online digital contents. (Tan, K, 2018) No wonder more and more companies are trying their best to attract those young users.


However, designing digital experiences for children is not as simple as it sounds. When it comes to kid centric products, combining “Fun” and “Online Safety” has presented lot of design challenges a.k.a opportunities. 

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Kids now don't have to be glued to screens!

Dec 08, 2017


Today was one of the most awesome days of my life when I witnessed TagPlus, the flagship product of TagHive living up to its mission of taking kids away from their screens and bringing back the joy of physical toys. Yes! I did it!

When I came home after another fulfilling day at TagHive, I saw my son and his friends having a playdate, or more aptly a “screen date”. 


If you are a parent, you know how it feels to see your kids glued to their screens. No matter how much you try, kids want their screens and at the end they have what they want. Same here!


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Toy Makers Face a Challenge! TagPlus can Help.

Jun 29, 2017


Every new toy that a toy maker creates represents millions of dollars in R&D costs, but that investment doesn’t guarantee success. They simply don’t have enough information on how kids actually play with toys, how often they play with them, and how they combine toys in creative ways. Parents spend $357 per year on toys, but many of them sit unused on a shelf. As a parent with limited disposable income, that hurts!





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