Class 6

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Class 6 forms the base of knowledge for higher secondary classes and thus, is very crucial. As students step in class 6 after being upgraded from primary classes, they need special attention and need to get a bit more immersive in their studies. The CBSE has designed an all-inclusive curriculum to nurture the students and ensure their overall development.

Class 6


Following the NCERT curriculum, TagHive | Class Saathi is dedicated to lay out the study content and NCERT solutions through personalized quizzes and mock tests, thus making students more inclined towards learning.


To begin with, one must be aware of the subject one is going to learn all through the academic year in Class 6. There are a total of 6 major subjects in Class 6. Other subjects like General Knowledge, Foreign languages, etc. are also learnt along with these main subjects.



















Maths is a subject that requires continuous practice along with sincere dedication. It is also the subject that makes a lot of children uncomfortable. TagHive | Class Saathi helps students gain confidence through multiple maths quizzes developed by the dedicated IIT graduates. Get solutions to Math questions from class 6 with TagHive | Class Saathi. 


  • Knowing our numbers

  • Whole Numbers

  • Playing with Numbers

  • Basic Geometrical Ideas

  • Understanding Elementary Shapes

  • Integers

  • Fractions

  • Ratio and Proportion

  • Decimals

  • Data Handling

  • Symmetry

  • Mensuration

  • Algebra

  • Practical Geometry














Learning science interactively and solving Science questions for class 6  with TagHive | Class Saathi will tremendously improve the learning outcomes. 

  • Food: Where Does it Come From

  • Components of Food

  • Fibre to Fabric

  • Sorting Materials into Groups

  • Separation of Substances

  • Changes Around Us

  • Getting to know plants

  • Body Movements

  • The Living Organisms and their Surroundings

  • Motion and Measurement of Distances

  • Light, Shadows and Reflections

  • Electricity and Circuits

  • Fun with Magnets

  • Water

  • Air Around Us

  • Garbage In, Garbage Out


Why TagHive | Class Saathi?


TagHive | Class Saathi’s approach is that of experiential learning. As expounded by the famous American philosopher, John Dewey in his theory of education that children learn anything best only after doing it on their own. TagHive | Class Saathi’s maths and science quizzes with thousands of questions lets the students practice on their own and lets them learn by their experience. Be it solutions to maths questions for class 6 or science questions for class 6, the stepwise explanation to the solutions clears all kinds of doubts that the children could possibly have.

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