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Before downloading any online learning app, you might feel the need to know about what exactly the app offers and how it is better than the other apps available in the market/playstore. We have listed below the unique features of TagHive | Class Saathi to let you know how it is the best online learning app available in the country today.



Interactive AI powered Platform : TagHive | Class Saathi has an AI powered interactive platform to give you an engaging learning experience and will make you want to learn more. All the learning content on the app is laid out such that everything is easy to access.


Designed by an IITian : Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the most prestigious institution in India. Every year several genius minds graduate from this institution to contribute to the progress of our nation and the entire world. Even many school students dream to be a part of IIT. One such genius from IIT, Mr. Pankaj Agarwal  is behind the foundation of TagHive | Class Saathi. He, along with his team of like minded people have designed this app with the only purpose to promote online learning in India so that each and every child, even those living in rural areas with no good schools around can learn and make a good life for themselves. The maths and science quizzes are designed by our team to let students practice on their own and assess themselves on the basis of their results.




Detailed explanation of NCERT solutions : TagHive | Class Saathi offers detailed explanations to NCERT questions for class 6-10 in an easy to understand language. We have left no stone unturned in order to provide you with the best solutions and explanations.




Personalized recommendations : TagHive | Class Saathi recommends questions to the students for practice based on their performance in the previous tests. The recommendation engine of the app works efficiently to find out the weak areas of the students and recommends them questions so that they could strengthen those areas and improve their performance overall.




Online quiz : TagHive | Class Saathi offers a series of online quizzes for class 6-10. Students find these maths and science quizzes very useful while preparing exams. Our quizzes also help students to figure out the topics they are weak in and overcome those weaknesses with practice on our mock tests.




Reveals skills developed with each question : Each question on the app, comes along with a few hashtags which informs the students about the skills they are developing while solving each question.




My Pocket : This unique feature of TagHive | Class Saathi allows the students to save multiple questions from multiple sources in one place. Students can upload pictures of the questions which will then be converted into Saathi format and merged into the existing questions.




Detailed analysis & Personalized Score Predictions : After attempting the quiz sessions, the students are provided with personalized scores which helps them monitor their performance and practice accordingly.




Mock Tests : TagHive | Class Saathi offers 30 minutes and 60 minutes mock tests to simulate a real-time examination environment. The difficulty levels of the mock tests can be adjusted by the students.




Certification of completion & In-app Badges : TagHive | Class Saathi validates the learning of students through certificates. If the students meet the certification criteria, they get the certificate before getting promoted to the next class. These certificates can also be used outside the Class Saathi app as open badges.

By regularly attempting the quiz sessions and mock tests, students can earn In-app Badges which helps in boosting up their morale.

TagHive Class Saathi has been awarded  “Education Startup of the Year 2019” at DIDAC India for their best features and innovative approach in the field of online learning. Subscribe to TagHive | Class Saathi for the best AI experience.

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