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Central  Board of Secondary Education is the top education board in India with various affiliated schools having PAN India presence as well as more than 100 schools in other countries too. CBSE is the common provider of syllabus for primary, secondary and higher secondary classes to the affiliated schools. To get the CBSE affiliation, the schools are required to follow several rules strictly.

The current name of CBSE was given to it in 1952. Almost all States in India have their own Education board which have their own syllabus. Still a large  majority of schools prefer the CBSE syllabus over others as it is the most preferred Education Board in India.


The syllabus designed by CBSE for the primary and higher classes is diverse and suited to the mental abilities of the students. The syllabus emphasize on the overall mental development of students. 




The textbooks recommended by CBSE are mainly published by NCERT, though many other private publications, suited to the syllabus, are also available in the market and the schools are free to adopt any publication of their choice..



The questions included in the syllabus by CBSE are well balanced. Solving those questions after studying the chapters is often enough to get a good score. Paired with extra practice questions, as they help students to excel in exams.

TagHive | Class Saathi offers solutions to CBSE maths and science questions for the students. 


Prepare in an efficient way with TagHive | Class Saathi and find the best explained solutions to CBSE maths and science questions.



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