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Today, the digital revolution has captured every sector, including Education. In the field of education, online learning brings in some variety and respite from the traditional chalk and talk method. Educators are beginning to explore the many possibilities of online teaching and learning.


One of the many advantages of online learning is that it is not restricted to a time or place. It can be done from anywhere and at any time, making it much more flexible than the physical classroom learning. Also, one can continue accessing online learning till they feel confident to move on.


Online learning is also way more personalized. Students can learn according to their needs and pace, focussing more on topics which seems tough for them and they can practice to improve and self-assess.


In traditional classrooms, learning could become restricted to just the textbook or the teacher whereas the online world opens a whole universe of information for the students, allowing them to delve as deep as they choose.

TagHive | Class Saathi is one such AI powered maths and science practice app, providing solutions to a wide variety of maths and science questions for classes 6-10 and gives you the  access to unlimited FREE questions for practice in form of multiple quizzes.


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Our online quiz platform is unique as it is AI powered and makes recommendations curated to each student’s performance and can be paired with our smart clicker solutions for classroom learning. 


With TagHive | Class Saathi, the best online quiz platform, students get everything at one place. From online learning content, NCERT solutions to maths and science questions, to unlimited FREE questions for practice and self-evaluation. 

Achieve more with TagHive | Class Saathi.

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