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Personalized learning is a type of learning which is adaptive in nature and uses advanced algorithms to understand the level of students’ knowledge on the basis of the inputs provided by them. With personalized learning, students are free to choose their own way of learning based on their interests, goals and objectives.

TagHive | Class Saathi assists students with their learning through AI powered personalized recommendations, emphasizing on topics in which the student requires additional support and practice. To help students understand their performance better, encourage the students to learn and practice more, TagHive | Class Saathi offers a detailed analysis, with a clear reporting of their strong and weak skills.


Advantages of personalized learning:


1. Learning pace is controlled by the students.

Personalized learning gives flexibility to students to set their own pace. They  can move on with new topics only after they completely understand the current ones. It also gives them the facility to manage their time and dividing their time according to the concepts they are learning.

2. Knowledge-Oriented Approach.

Personalized learning focuses on understanding the concepts instead of test scores. Its focus is more on what students are learning and how. Personalized learning creates opportunities to develop skills along with preparing for exams and aiming for good results.

3. Learn from Anywhere, Any Time

Personalized learning apps can be used by teachers and students both inside and outside the classrooms, anytime.

All these features of personalized learning are provided by TagHive | Class Saathi. The students are given customized questions for practice through personalized recommendation purely based on their performance on the questions already attempted by them. This personalized recommendation helps students understand their areas for improvement and focus on them to better their performance in the subject.

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