Class Saathi : The Study App

Looking for a perfect self study app with best in class features and all the material you need to learn from?

Well your search ends with TagHive | Class Saathi.

Class Saathi is a perfect self study app with concept clearing learning material, CBSE NCERT solutions, previous years’ question papers, multiple maths and science quizzes and mock tests.

"The best way to score good marks in examinations is rigorous self study and practice. Dedicated practice also helps with clearing concepts and promoting understanding."

You can’t always have access to your teacher but what you can have with TagHive | Class Saathi is, access to a wide variety of questions, of varying difficulty levels for every topic in a chapter. 


We also provide you with the option of creating your own mock tests for practice and self-evaluation and solutions from previous years’  question papers.

Fuel up your preparation for your exams with TagHive | Class Saathi.

Try the app now!

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