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Interactive quiz platform to improve learning outcomes

in classroom

All you need is Saathi desktop app & clickers!

In the modern world of technology, traditional classroom learning methods struggle to capture the attention of the students for a long time. To counter that, the education system is bringing changes in itself by adopting smart classroom plans with digital boards, projectors, and several other technological aids. To add to that mix, Class Saathi introduces a Smart Classroom clicker system to engage students at individual level. The student response system by Class Saathi works with the low cost clickers. Clickers are a remote like device provided to each student to register their answers whenever a quiz is conducted in the classroom. This enables all the students to participate in the class. Students can also verify their results immediately after answering.


The benefit of the clickers is that they let each and every student, even the shy ones, participate in the classroom learning and they are pocket friendly too. With just some clickers, the classroom becomes the favorite place for the students. 


This is an innovative drive to bring positive technological advancements in the classroom learning in India with Class Saathi - the best clicker solution in India.

How it works?

Ask Questions

Record Response

View Statistics

Teachers use the app

to conduct quizzes

Clicker response from students is collected in the app

Data collected can be viewed by teachers, parents & admins

Why Class Saathi?

Gives each

student a voice

Students can now 

respond to any question 

that teachers ask without

being interrupted

Helps teachers do

continuous assesments

Teachers can do mini quizzes easily and can get instant feedback on the understanding level of students

Minimize teacher


Teachers can upload 

questions and download 

various reports 




Work from as far as 20M

No Pointing Required

Battery lasts for over

a year and is replaceable

Separate clicker for

the teacher

Desktop App


Quiz Poll Vote

Excel uploads

& downloads


Widget Mode


Random Student Selector

Glimpse of the desktop app

Receive more information

about the Desktop solution

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