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Affordable Classroom

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Class Saathi

Toy Centric

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Hardware + APP



Launched in Korea as

Class Key

Class Saathi

Affordable Classroom Clicker Solution

Mobile solution

For classrooms without PC

  • Mobile app for teachers

  • 40 Clicker devices for students


Download Class Saathi now!

Desktop solution

For classrooms with PC

  • Desktop app for teachers

  • 1 Clicker device for teachers

  • 40 Clicker devices for students

  • 1 Receiver (USB)

Launched in Korea

in collaboration with i-Scream media

For more, visit the

Class Key Website

Pilot Test in India

20 Govt schools, 1071 Students

  • Give each student a voice

  • Help teachers do quick assessment and assist slow learners

  • Help parents play active role in kids’ learning journey

Get Started

You need a Clicker box & a mobile/desktop app to get started!

Clicker box contains clicker for 

each student/teacher


Toy Centric Social Network for Kids

What is TagPlus?

TagPlus provides kids with a channel to share their pride of creation and inspire other creators. It also offers a range of easy to use 3D manuals to motivate kids to play with toys even more!

Features of TagPlus

Toy-centric community

User generated and moderated content

Interactive 3D Instruction Guides

and much more!

Why Kids love TagPlus

During pilot tests, kids with TagPlus were more willing to play with physical toys than kids playing without TagPlus. They played four times longer with their toys when TagPlus was involved!

Why Toymakers love TagPlus

New Play Experiences  

More returning customers

Interactive 3D guides  

Save cost by not making 3d guides

User generated content

Organic marketing, increase brand loyalty

Global view of toy users

Be known as a global brand

Download TagPlus now!



Hardware + App (Smart toy that connect the Physical & Digital Play Worlds)

Mobile solution

For classrooms without PC

Mobile app for teachers

Clicker device for students

Badges of appreciation for students


In collaboration with Young Toys

Toy which interacts with the app to give an enhanced play experience to kids! 

Kongsuni smart toy is available for purchase!

What TagHive provides

1. Hardware & Firmware

Embedded in the toy

2. Interactive App

Complementing the toy

We don't make smart toys, but we make your toys SMART

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