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We at TagHive are constantly working to create and maintain a personalized

learning platform to ensure that you learn from the best and in the best way. 


Our quiz app is unmatchable as our quizzes are interactive and especially designed by an IIT Kanpur graduate. All the objectives of practicing after learning the concepts are fulfilled by our personalized quiz app. We also have smart clicker solutions to offer that make classroom learning more interactive. TagHive uses the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. 

Experience the best use of AI with Class Saathi for

online learning, NCERT solutions and practice quizzes.

How it works?

In Class

At Home

Ask Questions

Teachers use the app

to conduct quizzes

Solve Questions

Solve unlimited quiz

questions on your phone!

Record Response

Clicker response from students is collected in the app

View your Score

View your results

& improve your score

View Statistics

Data collected can be viewed by teachers, parents & admins

Adaptive quiz platform

for learning

in class & at home

40K+ Students, 20K+ Questions on

Maths & Science class 6~10!



Work from as far as 20M

No Pointing Required

Battery lasts for over

a year and is replaceable

Mobile App

No internet required during the class





Has Multiple Modes

Admin . Teacher .  Parent

Content (20K+ questions)


Parents can view results,

Kids can play quizzes

Conduct quizzes in class

& view statistics

View detailed

school wise data




Class Saathi in action

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about the Mobile solution

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