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just download the app and get started. iit-ians have created an unlimited question bank of learning-outcome tagged, class-subject-chapter-wise tests for you. what’s unbelievable is how closely our artificial intelligence observes your performance. so, it keeps giving you practice questions to help you concentrate on developing the weak areas and doing better in coming tests. the app also allows you to upload images of tough questions from anywhere, that we later include as part of our multiple choice quiz bank. the app also encourages you with badges and certificates and going forward will also predict your final exam score basis your level of preparation. close to 100,000 students across india are benefiting from the app already and improving the quality of their learning. so, what are you waiting for?

  1. student log into the class saathi app on the date & time of the test

  2. view some messages from us

  3. attempt the 20-question / 30-minute test

  4. answer only if you are sure as questions once answered and submitted cannot be changed

  5. only after a pre-set duration, the next question appears. if the answer is given before this, "wait for the next question" message appears

  6. the quiz is multiple choice with no negative marking for wrong answers

  7. after the test, participants may receive info on performance, and view one / more messages from us

  8. test 2 is conducted in the same way

  9. after the test, individual and overall results will be shared

  10. winners are adjudged on the basis of top performances in terms of
    (a) average score, and
    (b) phiQ or improvement score (as per the relevant slab, basis t 1 = score in test 1)

|    1: t1 ≤ 40   |     2: t1 ≤ 60   |    3: t1 ≤ 80    |     4: t1 ≤ 95   |    5: t1 ≤ 100   |

t2 = score in test 2

a) average score= [(t1+ t2) ÷ 2]                  

b) improvement score= (t2 - t1)



a. student(s) must give both tests and get two scores, so that their average score and improvement score / phiQ may be calculated to determine their rank (if any) in the test.

b. to prevent, a participant "throwing" away one test to achieve a high second score: wherever phiQ is higher than 10, test score 1 may be compared with student’s final pass percentage in their last exam at school as entered by him / her in the registration form and if the difference of the two values exceeds 50%, the participant may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the company and manager.

c. the same process may be followed in case of too many identical scores from 1 section / 1 class of a school / schools/students from 1 region.


note: the test is being conducted via the honour system. if you cheat, you cheat yourself, your family and your nation. and if a student is found cheating or manipulating performance to fraudulently create a greater improvement, their previous result would be compared and they may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the company / manager.


fees for students

individual participation fees: ₹350 /student

there is no fee for schools
Just as schools win through students, they participate through them too. to compete, schools should get their students to sign up. schools do not pay, students pay their own fee. for a school to be a contender for an award, at least 25 students from the same section of a class must sign up. this is because the calculation of collective results to arrive at winning teachers, h.o.d.s, principals, school admins, sections, classes, and schools, depends on data for at least 1 section or 1 class (all sections) per school, or an entire school (all classes). the minimum number of participants per section is 25. there is no maximum limit.

... ready to take off? let's go register!

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