Please read the following instructions carefully before registering / beginning the test.


"Class Saathi phiQ School Champs 2020" is a two-part, class-wise, learning-outcome tagged, multiple-choice, science and maths quiz competition in English, that challenges Indian students from Classes 6 - 10, to compete with students studying in the same grade across the country to take themselves, their teachers, school, principal/school owner / admin, and parents to victory, by completing the two tests created by i.i.t. graduates via the class saathi app from any location of their choice within India, scoring not just the highest average scores but also the highest improvement scores, calculated basis their scores in 2 quizzes / tests conducted a few weeks apart.


t1 = score in test 1, t2 = score in test 2
After test1 the student's score is placed in one of the 5 slabs which are:
  slab1: t1 ≤40  | slab2: t1 ≤60 |  slab3: t1 ≤80  |   slab4: t1 ≤95  |  slab5: t1 ≤100

Winners = Top performers basis (a) Average scores, and (b) Improvement Scores from test 1 to test 2

  a) "Average Score"= [(t1+ t2) ÷ 2]
  b) "Improvement Score"= (t2 - t1) in the respective slab or overall

a. A participant must give both tests and get two scores, so that their Average Score and Improvement Score / Imbibing Quotient may be calculated to determine their rank (if any) in the test. No correspondence will be entertained on any grounds, whatsoever.
b. To prevent a participant "throwing" away one test to achieve a high second score: Wherever improvement score is higher than 10%, the Company and/or Manager and/or the App reserve the right to compare Test Score 1 with the Final Pass Percentage of the Registered Participant in their last exam at school as entered by him / her in the Registration Form and if the difference of the two values exceeds 50%, the Participant may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Company and Manager.
c. The same process may be followed in case of too many identical scores from 1 section / 1 class of a school / schools/students from 1 region.


Indian students from Classes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 COMPETE within their grade / level


Students & through them…

their Teachers, HODs, Principals, School Owners, Admins & Parents

plus Sections, Classes, Schools, Cities, States, Zones

Everyone is a winner. You can win if you score a really high average score. You can also win if you keep studying with the saathi app & do better in your second test, creating a really high improvement score. The best can lead your school to victory, not just alone, but as a section, class or an entire school.


South Korea based, Samsung-funded educational innovation Start-up TagHive ("Company")


via its Class Saathi application ("App"), from student's own location


Download the Class Saathi app, fill up the Registration form, pay the fee through the payment gateway built into the app & you're in!


Individual: ₹350

Students from one family with access to only 1 phone can participate if they are in different classes, if two / more siblings are in 1 class, only 1 of them can participate.
If the other student can sign up and give the test from a different smartphone and number, he/she may participate.

There is no fee for schools.

Just as schools win through students, they participate through them too. To compete, schools should get their students to sign up. Schools do not pay, students pay their own fees. For a school to be a contender for an award, at least 25 students from the same section of a class must sign up. This is because the calculation of collective results to arrive at winning teachers, HODs, principals, school admins, sections, classes, and schools, depends on data for at least 1 section or 1 class (all sections) per school, or an entire school (all classes). The minimum number of participants per section is 25. There is no maximum limit. Schools can reach out to for a refer code which students can enter when they register for the Competition.


Lakhs of Prizes, Scholarships, Awards & More...for Students and through them for their Teachers, HODs, School Owners, Admins, School, Education Sector Leaders, and Parents

All prizes will be announced via our website and social media, and via email id provided. Winners will be contacted by e-mail, to confirm the postal address of their school, where the prize(s) will be sent. From the moment the e-mail is sent, the winners have a month to accept their prizes.


Registrations are open from August 6, 2020

Last date for Registration: October 1, 2020

test 1 : October 2, 2020 (20 questions, 30 minutes)

test 2 : October 18, 2020 (20 questions, 30 minutes)

Announcement of Results: October 25, 2020

Every Class will have a different time slot so that two students from the same family but studying in different classes may take part.

Class 6: 9:30 AM IST to 10:15 AM IST  
Class 7: 10:30 AM IST to 11:15 AM IST
Class 8: 11:30 AM IST to 12:15 PM IST
Class 9: 12:30 PM IST to 1:15 PM IST
Class 10: 1:30 PM IST to 2:15 PM IST


In both tests 1 and 2, participants will be tested on chapters 1, 2, and 3 of their science and Maths books as per the CBSE curriculum.
Students can study using the Class Saathi app too.


Each Student competes individually. Only through student performances would teachers / schools / admins / parents win. The real test for all of us is to improve our performance. Class Saathi wants students to start looking at tests as way to look at where they are and look forward to the next time they test themselves through our app to make their understanding deeper and their concepts stronger. And this way, we will hopefully raise a new generation of learners armed with the desire for constant improvement, and who look at tests with a sense of excitement, not fear.


1. Student must log into the app on the Date & Time of the test

2. They then view any automated or click-based messages

3. They then attempt the 20-question test in the given time frame (30 minutes)

4. Questions once answered and submitted cannot be changed

5. The app moves onto the next question only after a given time and in case the participant answers his / her question before that,
     it displays a "Wait for the Next Question" message

6. The quiz has a multiple choice format and there is no negative marking for wrong answers

7. Once the test is completed, the participants may receive information on performance, and get to view one / more messages from us

8. The second test is conducted in the same way, beginning & ending with some mandatory messaging from us

9. After the test, individual and overall results will be shared. The student is urged to use the app to learn in future. Apart from the Award section, the app is completely free. 

NOTE: The test is being conducted via the honour system. If you cheat, you cheat yourself, your family and your nation. And if a student is found cheating or manipulating performance to fraudulently create a greater improvement, their previous result would be compared and they may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Company / Manager.

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