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all of us study but how much do we learn or grasp? how much do we actually imbibe?
move over, i.q., and e.q., phiQ is here! some say fie (like eye), others say fee, we pronounce it similar to i.q.


across science, art and architecture, phi or Φ, represents 1.618 or the “golden ratio” or aesthetic perfection. this ratio fascinated ancient geniuses such as pythagoras and euclid. a symbol of flux or change or a marker of relative position, even today, scientists and artists can go on for hours about it!


for us, it is short for proven heightened imbibing Quotient. phiQ is the improvement you make from test 1 to test 2. while ordinarily, we calculate the change in marks and divide it by the original marks, for the purposes of this competition, we will calculate phiQ as…

phiQ = score in test 2 minus score in test 1

= t2 – t1


let's say, you keep brushing up the course, with school notes as well as class saathi’s powerful ai-powered recommended questions, and you improve your score. so, with a score of 50 in test 1 (t1) and 75 in test 2 (t2)…

your phiQ = t2 – t1 

                    = 75 – 50

                    = +25

(rise of 25 phiQ points in your grasp of the subjects)


of course, if you do not focus in school, nor study with our iit-ian created unlimited, class- and chapter-wise maths and science question banks, your score can drop. say, 50 in test 1 (t1) and 45 in test 2 (t2).

your phiQ = t2 – t1

= 45 – 50

= -5

(drop of 5 phiQ points in your grasp of the subjects)

improvement scores will be awarded basis performance slabs, and even high performers in both the tests will be awarded. you may have got some questions here, but hold your breath and read through the end!

we believe, each of us is aiming for something bigger. so, make a commitment. register now, practice with class saathi and see how with saathi’s suggestions tailored to your unique learning needs, you quickly get stronger on areas where you need improvement. after all, you need to find your peak!


"phiQ school champ awards 2020" is a two-part, class-wise, learning- outcome tagged, multiple-choice, science and maths quiz competition, that challenges indian students from classes 6 - 10, to compete with students studying in the same grade across the country to take themselves, their teachers, school, principal / school owner / admin, and parents to victory...


not just through high scores, but through proven heightened imbibing quotient, a.k.a. phiQ or improvement scores.


created by i.i.t. graduates, both tests would be of 30 minutes with 20 questions each and will be organized through the class saathi app, created by taghive, a samsung funded edutech startup. students can download the app and participate through any android device from anywhere in india.


the course

in both tests 1 and 2, participants will be tested on chapters 1, 2, and 3 of their science and maths books as per cbse curriculum. this will enable a greater understanding of their grasp.


the tests will be held only through the class saathi app, available on google play store.

participation fee for an individual student is ₹ 350. you can pay the fee on our app through the payment gateway.




most competitions only award geniuses but this is a competition with a twist. here, we celebrate the brilliance and consistent performance as well as effort and improvement. plus, students compete and win, but through their performances, their teachers, school, principal / school owner / administrator, their parents and even their area / state / zone also win awards, prizes, scholarships worth lakhs.


top schools or regions win awards, cash prizes and free access to saathi +, the revolutionary solution that connects all stakeholders in education and helps raise learning outcomes and attendance, through better access to real-time data and analysis.


the real beauty of the competition is that no matter how a student or school does on the tests, you make a bigger effort to do better. isn’t that the biggest victory of all?


we've got too many to brief on this page... click here to see what we have for you!

... learn about the organizer, who can participate and win the awards

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