class saathi is the brainchild of inventor pankaj agarwal who went from a run-down village school to iit, harvard & led innovation at samsung, till his company funded taghive & through it his dream of creating an at-home (app) & at-school (clicker) learning solution to help students strengthen weak areas and learn better.

improvement is in our dna & our solution is already in use across 450+ schools across india and south korea. despite glaring challenges in the education sector, our brand connects all stakeholders with the clarion call of aao khojen hal!

each student competes individually. only through student performances, others win. the real test for all of us is to improve our performance. class saathi wants students to start looking at tests as a way to look at where they are and look forward to the next time they test themselves through our app to make their understanding deeper and their concepts stronger. and this way, we will hopefully raise a new generation of learners armed with the desire for constant improvement, who look at tests with a sense of excitement, not fear.


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