How Class Saathi can make learning better in classrooms & build teacher capacity

How Class Saathi can make learning better in classrooms & build teacher capacity

Updated: May 25

Class Saathi has transformed the way of learning in the classroom. They have turned simple classrooms into elegant classrooms. This unique solution is one of its kind ventured by TagHive. It has a drastic impact on both the attendance and learning outcomes. Class Saathi improves the learning outcomes in classrooms and enhances the capability of teachers.

How it works:

To make Class Saathi work, an app needs to be installed on a smartphone along with low-cost clickers provided by the company. These clickers are easy, fun, and engaging. They are given to the students. The app comprises of numerous features backed by AI (artificial intelligence).

For instance, the app has a personalized adaptive quiz with unlimited questions. The students can even give these tests from home. It gives them a learning experience that isn’t limited to the classroom only. The quiz feature in Class Saathi will increase the IQ level of the kids.

These tests and quizzes provide real-time feedback and help the teacher to analyze the individual progress of every student. The data will help the teacher to tailor the lessons and focus on the areas of improvement. It increases the student’s creativity, productivity, and will to learn.

Apart from these, the administrative features are noteworthy, as well. Marking attendance, or generating yearly and quarterly reviews that are time-consuming tasks can now be completed faster with the help of the feedback given by the app. All these aspects are very important to build teacher capacity and nurturing time management.

Salient features of Class Saathi:

  • Improved classroom engagement with hassle-free attendance.

  • Increase in learning outcomes through adaptive quizzes.

  • Easy assessment with the help of statistical data.

More about Class Saathi:

Class Saathi, or classroom clicker solution utilizes minimal technology, makes use of the existing classroom infrastructure, and makes learning a fun-filled experience for every student. It also supports the teacher with the aid of classroom management.

Class Saathi gives each student an individual voice, helps the teachers to perform fast assessment, assists the slow-learners, and helps the parents to play an active role in their learning journey. Class Saathi is specifically designed for both primary and secondary students. Apart from the clickers, the intuitive app for mobile devices itself has got plenty of features. Easy quizzing, and marking attendance are some of the many features that come with Class Saathi. The teachers are able to conduct an adaptive quiz without extra administrative work.

The innovative feedback system helps the teacher to identify the weak students and take appropriate measures to suit their needs. This kind of adaptive teaching improves learning and students feel engaged. The students can also take help from the teacher with the press of a button.

About TagHive:

TagHive is a ventured company funded by Samsung and based in Korea. It is transforming learning in the classroom through Class Saathi, a clicker solution to drive participation and engagement in classrooms. The clicker solution was successfully deployed in Korea and pilot tests were conducted in multiple regions in India. The student app is being widely used across India by many students. For more info log on to


The clicker solution is a recurring and bounding platform with the potential to increase learning outcomes. Class Saathi will change the dynamics of learning in the classroom forever.

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