Stakeholder Engagement Made Easy With Class Saathi

Stakeholder Engagement Made Easy With Class Saathi

Updated: May 27

Though India has made many remarkable improvements in the field of education and learning, challenges still remain. This is because of the sheer size of the population and the vast geographical spread of the country. Further, India still continues to be a developing country and for millions of parents, where the main objective and focus is the survival of the day. In such a situation, it is quite obvious that education and learning take the backseat. Many children are forced to take up menial jobs at ages when they should be concentrating on their studies. So what is the way forward?

The Importance of Digitalized Learning

Technology and digitalized learning without any doubt could help in bringing more students from the poor and deprived classes of the society to the mainstream as far as education and learning is concerned. This is where Class Saathi has been able to make a big difference. The results of Class Saathi initiatives have been encouraging. Class Saathi has been able to increase learning outcomes as far as the students are concerned. The results are not only positive from the students’ perspective but also from the perspective of other stakeholders like parents, teachers, and administrators. Let us seek and uncover how Class Saathi’s initiatives have made the difference.

How Does It Help Teachers?

Without a doubt, the digitalized means of teaching like Class Saathi is a big boon for teachers. The teachers will be able to teach large groups of students with ease using mobile app-based teaching or remote teaching on computers and laptops. Further, they will be able to offer unlimited questions to students for practice and solving, this will be a bit difficult in a brick and mortar environment. The teachers will also be able to counsel students who perhaps need more attention and use specialized methods to address his or her learning problems.

How Does It Help Students?

It is the student community who will enjoy the most from the features granted with the advancements in technology-induced teaching. Millions of young children across the country simply do not have the luxury of attending full-time schools. The schools could be located many miles away, or the parents of the students may not have the wherewithal to allow their children to attend school for hours at length. They would rather find it more profitable if their children lend a hand on the fields and share the burden of cropping and cultivation.

However, when you have approaches like Class Saathi, the students can learn from the comfort of their homes and at a time that is convenient for them. The mobile-based app developed by the Class Saathi team is certainly useful because it also comprises of some of the best adaptive quiz solutions which make learning fun, exciting, and easy for the students. This compares very well with the chalk and talk method of teaching that often becomes boring, monotonous, and there is a tendency for students to drop out because of the same reasons.

Students will also be able to study in groups with their peers even though they could be living in some remote corners of the country. All they will need is a good smartphone or still better if they can arrange for a desktop computer or a laptop. It certainly helps them to keep interest levels much higher when compared to conventional modes of learning.

How Does It Help Administrators?

There are quite a few ways that administrators are benefited by digitalized learning solutions like Class Saathi. It could help them monitor the performance of the students better and also help them to reach far-flung areas where other conventional models of teaching and learning would never perhaps be able to reach. Furthermore, the admins also have the luxury of getting the help of professionals when it comes to managing the database for questions and answers. For example, Class Saathi app has many questions prepared by IITians that can be used by the teachers and admins for achieving better results from the students. These are student-specific and are designed in such a way that they kindle a sense of curiosity within students.


There is no doubt that the efforts of projects like Class Saathi are beginning to bear fruit. Making quality education available to everyone and filling the gaps within the society, thus proving that education and learning are no longer the prerogatives of only the rich and affluent classes of society.

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