We need a platform that connects all stakeholders –students, parents, teachers and government bodies

We need a platform that connects all stakeholders –students, parents, teachers and government bodies

Updated: Mar 20

Technology as a Medium of Communication

Can anyone argue about the role of technology as the core driver in connecting all the stakeholders – parents, teachers, students and administrators for excellence in education?

Every authority involved in the educational field understands the importance of a platform that connects them with others in the field. A decade ago technology was added to the classroom. Now after a decade, administrators expect teachers to use technology. Students and parents demand it too. The effective use of technology in the field has changed the face of education and has created more opportunities for students and other stakeholders. Teachers have successfully integrated technology in classrooms, and students find it more interesting to learn with technology.

Technology - A Platform That Has Changed the Field of Education for the Better

Without any doubt, one can declare that technology has enhanced classroom experiences. For instance, tablets have connected all major stakeholders, students, parents, and teachers. With digital data, notes cannot be lost intentionally or accidentally. Feedbacks including appreciations, concerns, and criticisms are out there for further reference. With tablets, students can't miss their homework and to-do tasks intentionally, and parents are involved in their child's academic performance.

While students might learn learning material better on a tablet, it's because their teachers researched different online apps, YouTube videos and learning games that are introduced to the classroom. However, technology can't replace a good teacher and it just enables students to learn better through increasing their engagement in educational activities. Technology helps students prepare for the outside tech demanding jobs and tasks.

Integrating the Right Communication Platform in the Classrooms

Education in classrooms goes far beyond school walls with integrating technology implemented in the classrooms. These systems work together in seamless coordination. Though technology cannot solve every challenge or issue in education, smart technology provides solutions that enhance communications, strengthen collaboration and show the results. Integrating technology in the classroom has helped teachers and parents to track students’ academic performance.

It is in the hands of administrators to choose the right communication platform for your school community. The right platform enables parents to truly participate and be involved in their children's learning and success. Parent's feedback gives students the ability to converse with teachers. In the case of using multiple technology, there are risks that the parents may neglect certain channels among the multiple disparate sources like emails from the principal, school messenger, a Facebook group for PTA, etc.

Bottom Line

Parents are often busy and therefore wish to have easy access to what they need. In case of not being provided that easy access, they get frustrated and give up on the communication platform. This is why an effective communication platform is necessary for communication between stakeholders. Class Saathi helps teachers to share homework assignments with parents who are aware of schedule quizzes, important paperwork, and monitor progresses from them.

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