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Clicker-based solutions could accelerate learning ability

in students, HCL Foundation project director says

Aug 26, 2019

Foundation assesses children, teachers in a pilot using 'Class Saathi' in Hardoi's public school














New Delhi – In line with the vision of the Draft National Education Policy, 2019 which proposes to improve pedagogy in school education system, HCL Foundation conducted a pilot in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh’s Basic Education Department in government schools in Hardoi district to measure learning outcomes through technological interventions.

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South Korea-based TagHive’s AI-enabled question

bank promotes incremental learning

Aug 16, 2019

Smart learning solution 'Class Saathi' improves learning outcomes of students's in Varanasi's public schools















New Delhi– South Korea-based Taghive has designed an innovative technology solution which uses artificial intelligence to assess learning ability of the student and prepares a personalised question bank to help improve learning outcomes.

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Affordable Classroom Solution that can

increase learning outcomes!

Aug 9, 2019

In recent times, India has made significant progress in the area of access to schooling and notable strides in elementary education. With flagship programmes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan and Right to Education by Government of India, the elementary education has received a significant boost. Despite all these effort, high dropout rates and low classroom learning still prevails and remains a challenge for the state and the central government.


















Use of Class Saathi solution showed a 10% improvement in the attendance and an 8% increase in

learning outcomes, Pilot test, Varanasi

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In local news for our pilot of Class Saathi in 20 schools

in Varanasi, India.

July 23, 2019

Dropout a barrier in systemic education, TagHive CEO says

July 26, 2019

Claims co's smart learning solution improves attendance by 10%

New Delhi –Drop out by the students from schools is the biggest barrier in providing education in rural areas, Pankaj Agarwal, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of TagHive said while speaking at a dialogue on the Draft National Education Policy (NEP) 2019, on Friday (26 Jul) at the India International Centre, in New Delhi.

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Student dropout issue, now a priority area for many

Cos doing CSR on education

July 10, 2019

Cos align with the goals govt spells on dropout issue, in draft education policy

New Delhi – While the government has made a resolve to bring back all the students who have left schools between 3 and 18 years into the education system, by 2030, many companies doing CSR (corporate social responsibility) in the sector have also woken up to the challenge. Companies like Tata Steel Ltd and HCL Technologies Ltd’s CSR arm HCL Foundation find them completely aligned with the goals of the Draft National Education Policy (NEP), 2019. Both, Tata Steel and HCL Foundation have already been working towards reducing the dropout numbers in their respective education programmes.

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India CSR Dialogue on Draft Education Policy on 26 July

July 10, 2019

‘India CSR Dialogue’ to discuss CSR expectations and opportunities for corporate, civil society

India’s largest news portal on corporate social responsibility – India CSR is organising a dialogue on the Draft National Education Policy (NEP), 2019 on 26 July at the India International Centre, in New Delhi. The ‘India CSR Dialogue’ will talk about expectations and opportunities for the corporate sector and the civil society in Draft NEP. It will also talk about the role that the two stakeholders could play to take forward the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, which envisages to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” by 2030.

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Class Saathi aims to provide affordable classroom solutions

July 06 2019

Class Saathi aims to provide affordable classroom solutions. 

Seoul, July 6 Class Saathi, a teaching-learning platform owned by South Korean firm TagHive has introduced new technology to schools across India to build a generation of 21st century digital learners. It serves as an affordable classroom solution that engages every student even in remote schools that have no infrastructure such as the Internet, computers and electricity.

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TagHive’s smart learning solution in line with proposed education

policy goals, CEO says

July 03 2019

Contends 'Class Saathi' will remove major technology, infrastructural interventions for smart learning.

New Delhi – The draft National Education Policy (NEP), 2019 envisages to integrate educational technology in school curriculum and TagHive identifies itself with the goals of the proposed law, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pankaj Agarwal told India CSR. The South Korean company has designed Class Saathi – a personalised learning solution aimed at developing futuristic classrooms. “The Class Saathi mobile solution does not require the schools to have computers or tablets or even internet,” Agarwal said, indicating challenges towards setting-up digital infrastructure throughout the length and breadth of the country.

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Realtime monitoring now possible with TagHive’s

smart learning solutions

June 30, 2019




South Korean company TagHive has come out with an innovative solution to inform the parents about their child’s activities on a realtime basis. TagHive is a technology company which designs innovative digital solutions for kids by merging real and virtual worlds for interactive learning experiences.

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Companies promote smart learning in rural schools

through participative techniques

June 21, 2019




Smart assessment tools like OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheets or clicker based solutions are helping teachers to monitor the growth of students in schools in rural parts in India. Companies directly or through their foundations working in the education sector are providing smart learning solutions to not only monitor progress of individual students but also increase their participation.

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TagHive tackles attendance, dropout problem in Varanasi Schools

June 15, 2019




Low attendance and poor learning outcomes in schools in rural parts of India can be tackled effectively through the use of technology, TagHive’s Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pankaj Agarwal told India CSR.

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Companies push for smart solutions to promote Rural Learning

June 08, 2019

Technology will be a key enabler for learning in Rural India and will make learning and teaching more efficient and enjoyable. Companies like WNS Global Services, TagHive and CGI Inc are coming forward to promote smart learning.

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Smart Saathi for Varanasi School Children

May 03, 2019




Excitement is palpable among school going children in in Varanasi District. They have a new friend now. Known as Class Saathi, a smart education device developed by an IITian and incubated by Samsung Ventures, it is helping students, teachers, parents and administrators in government run schools in raising the bar in education delivery system.

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스마트 스쿨 솔루션으로 인도 교육환경 개선할 것.

Feb 25, 2019

지난 18일 경기 성남시 판교제2테크노밸리에서 만난 판카즈 아가왈 태그하이브 대표(사진)는 삼성전자에서 사내벤처 프로그램 ‘C랩’을 통해 스타트업(신생 벤처기업)을 창업한 인도인이다. C랩을 통해 창업한 대표 중 최초의 외국인이다. 2017년 4월 문을 연 태그하이브는 교육과 완구에 IT를 접목한 ‘키즈테크(kids-tech)’ 기업이다. 

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Class Saathi (Classroom Solution for India) was showcased at ASEM 2018 Conference in Seoul.

Nov 11, 2018

Under the sponsorship of KOICA, TagHive is working on a low-cost solution (name : Class Saathi) for classrooms in India. At ASEM 2018, we shared the research insights that led to Class Saathi, early hypotheses, snapshots of Class Saathi and the plans ahead.  Class Saathi will be pilot tested in schools in India starting early 2019.  Stay tuned!

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TagHive showing its classroom solution to the First Lady of Korea during her visit to India.

Nov 05, 2018

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Young Toys in collaboration with Taghive launches Kungsuni Smart Toy.

Oct 23, 2018

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TagHive signed an MoU with Pratham Education Foundation 

on July 9th

July 9, 2018

TagHive signed an MoU with Pratham Education Foundation on July 9th on the sidelines of South Korean Presidential visit to India. TagHive will work with Pratham to research and develop a new low-cost clicker solution for classrooms in India.

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TagHive featured in Connected Play landscape, a single view of emerging technologies and companies creating the future of play.

May 24, 2018

Collabsco introduces the Connected Play Landscape featuring over 100 physical + digital experiences across IoT, AI, Voice, AR, VR and more. Collabsco is officially launching the Connected Play Landscape, a single view of emerging technologies and companies creating the future of play.


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TagHive selected as one of the 9 companies by KOICA for CTS Program

May 10, 2018





TagHive has been selected as one of the 9 companies by KOICA (KOrea International Cooperation Agency) for its CTS Program.  We have been selected to create a low-cost clicker solution for government schools (K-12) in India to improve the learning outcomes of students.


You can see the list of companies selected in this program here.

TagHive tackles smartphone addiction of kids

Feb 28, 2018

For many parents these days, one major concern is their children’s addiction to smart devices. 

A 2017 survey by the Ministry of Science and ICT showed that 19.1 percent of 2,651 children aged between three to nine were categorized as “highly dependent” on smartphones, up 55 percent from 2015.

In what could be a solution, Pankaj Agarwal, a former creative executive at Samsung Electronics and father of two children, launched startup TagHive in 2017 to develop smart toys and mobile solutions that minimize the negative impact of smartphones on kids.

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IIT Kanpur graduate launches new company in Seoul

Dec 11, 2017

Pankaj Agarwal, a 35-year-old IIT Kanpur graduate, has founded a start-up company, TagHive, with a few like-minded professionals in Seoul to pursue his passion for improving education. His mission is to revolutionise everyday experiences with a smart tag solution -- a combination of a button type tag, a smart app and back-end analytics that are targeted at reinventing interactions for kids at play and at school.

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Seedstarsworld: World's Biggest Startup Competition

July 29, 2017

TagHive is selected as one of the 8 most promising startups in Korea by Seedstarsworld - World’s Biggest Startup Competition in Emerging Markets.

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Samsung in-house startups graduate from incubator program 

April 5, 2017

TagPlus makes its namesake "smart tag" for children. The firm [TagHive] will form partnerships with toy companies to sell tags with the toys themselves. The tag can be operated easily, with motions such as click, shake, hold, and bump, and will register the toy with nearby mobile devices without a password or login.

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Pankaj Agarwal, Creative Leader, Samsung | Innovators Under 35

March 16, 2017

How can we make kids’ play more social? How can we increase the repeat play value of toys? The search for answers to these questions led to TagPlus – The Future of Play. 

The Breakthrough Projects Championing Innovation at CES 2017

January 7, 2017

First up is Tag+, the product that will change the way that children interact with their toys. It’s a button-type device that connects to toys and a smartphone app through Bluetooth. Once paired, kids can click, long-press, shake or bump the smart tag to enable various responses from their toys. 

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Samsung’s CES C-Lab startups are focused on skincare and kids

December 27, 2016

Tag+ is essentially a Bluetooth button designed to bring simple app functionality to real world toys. The device connects automatically to a tablet and offers a range of different interactions, including press, bumping and shaking, which present different social features and connect the product to a single profile that can be used to connect kids in real world playing situations.

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EmTech 2017: Innovators under 35

March 31, 2017

Whenever Pankaj Agarwal saw his son Anant play alone with his toy blocks, a question often nagged him: “Why does he have to play alone? Is there something I can do to make play-at-home social and interactive for him?” He was also inspired to change the status quo when he looked at the many expensive toys gathering dust around his house. Agarwal thought of the millions of middle-class homes that just couldn’t afford all those high-tech toys with pricey tags.

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