TagHive is the one stop solution for everything one might require while learning online. It’s an amazing personalized learning app to facilitate interactive online learning.


In today’s world, everything is being digitized, be it shopping, health consultancy, travel tickets booking, entertainment, etc. So, digitization in the field of education is also inevitable. Being innovative and bringing an all new AI powered online learning app for the students was the dream of TagHive | Class Saathi team which has now come true.  


Our innovative smart clicker system consisting  of a low cost clicker for quiz is one such example that elevates the quality of classroom learning exponentially. Also, at home, the students find our app easy to use and get instant results to the quizzes. Our quiz app makes sure that students not only assess themselves well but also improve their knowledge on the subject matter on a regular basis.


Learn with the best in the field, go online with TagHive | Class Saathi.

Mobile Solution

Desktop Solution

Adaptive quiz platform for

learning in class & at home

Interactive quiz platform

to improve learning

outcomes in classroom

40K+ Students, 20K+ Questions on

Maths & Science class 6~10!

All you need is Saathi desktop app & clickers!


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